Camera 3D APK

Camera 3D APK is a awesome camera apps for android smartphone. You can make 3D images on your android smartphone. Lets make 360 degree photos, This is a bate version so your device may not be supported at this moment. With this apps you can take up to 99 photos for one 99 photos for one 3D image set the maximum nimber of picture will largely depend on the memory available on your device.


  •  Vibrating stereo support .
  • Take 2 picture and click vibrating stereo to preview as vibrating stereo.
  • Vibrate 2 picture to produce 3D effect.
  • Export to animation GIF.
  • Support multi angle.
  • Take 3 or more picture and preview as multi angle 3D image.
  • Use accelerometer sensor/ side to control the faces of the  images.
  • New share to Facebook function, New feed picture, New feed recycle fix.
  • UI redesign, News feed and cloud upload features.

Tips to take good picture

  • Always take from left to right.
  • Don,t move your device too far away from your lats position.
  • Try to match the object from the last picture overlay,s opacity.
  • Slide the screen left or right to change last picture overlay,s opacity.
  • Try to put the object in the middle of the screen.
  • You can export to image animated GIF.

Screenshots –

Camera 3D APK Camera 3D APK Camera 3D APK

File Size – 4.8 MB

Current Version – v2.3.2

Requires Android – 2.2 and up

Download Link Camera 3D APK


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