TSF Shell 3D Launcher Apk

The TSF Shell 3D Launcher apk a brand new 3D launcher that will subvert your concept of the android smartphone . It offers smooth, unique and customized man machine interactive interactive operation experience. You are allowed to define all the element of the home screen freely and efficiently.  It,s a great 3D and best android paid launcher. This launcher keeps creating new features and exclusive 3D widgets that will bring you amazing operation expedience and unprecedented visual.


  • It,s have fantastic animation transition effects. All operations, including deletion, addition, menu showing up or vanishing , are provided with natureal glaring and butter smooth animation  transition effects.
  • Miraculous and effective 3D home screen switching mode and freewheeling home screen element layout mode.
  • Build on unlimated dock bar. You can change its position, leght and angle as well as to modify the size and the of icons in the dock bar.
  • More that 1- TSB sheel exclusive widgets, such as message clock, weather memo, music.
  • Support gestures.


TSF Shell 3D Launcher Apk TSF Shell 3D Launcher Apk TSF Shell 3D Launcher Apk


Video Review TSF Shell 3D Launcher Apk

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