Wifi Password Hacker PRANK

WiFi Password Hacker PRANK apk is makes it look like you can hack any WiFi network. It can pretend hacking into secured WiFi network using WEP, WPA2, AES encryption an so on. It just presents a fancy animations and nothing else. So it is not harmful to the network.


  • WiFi hacker prank is the best way to prank your friends into thinking you are a technical genius and show off as if you have special powers compared them.
  • WiFi prank has nice UI and professional analyzer animation and hence you appear very professional techie to your friends.
  • Easy to fool and prank your friends with this prank.
  • You can hack private WiFi network use prank.
  • Just run this tools in near , the WiFi scanner will detect all the WiFi hostspot no matter weather the signal is good or not good. and then select their wireless WiFi id.
  • Fake password will be displayed, but they will think you have just broken into their network.


Wifi Password Hacker PRANK (1)Wifi Password Hacker PRANK apk Wifi Password Hacker PRANK (1)Wifi Password Hacker PRANK apk

File Size – 1.6 MB

Current Version – v1.0.4

Requires Android – 2.2 and up

Download Link Wifi Password Hacker PRANK APK


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