Scorpion Simulator APK

Scorpion Simulator APK a new android simulator. Install and survive as a tiny arachnid on an island filled with giant plants, carnivores and bugs. Start your own scorpion family , hunt down tasty insects and battle for your life against deadly predator like snakes birds and spiders.


  • Use your powerful pinchers and posionsous stinger to fight dangerous animals and catch tasty insets.
  • Play this simulator games and level up your scorpion.
  • Look to your handy survival guide for information on enemy animals, a map of the world.
  • You can customization your scorpion .
  • This apps have super quality HD Graphics with nice views of gignatic lush island.


Scorpion Simulator APK Scorpion Simulator APK Scorpion Simulator APK

File Size – 44 MB

Current Version – v1.0

Requires Android – 2.0.1 and up

Phone Quality –

– 1 GHz CPU

– 512 MB RAM

– Adreno 205 or equivalent

Download Link Scorpion Simulator APK

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