Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf APK

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf APK “The dark tower of V’taag looms above you. Like an accusing finger, this monstrous edifice of granite and black iron pierces the sky, drawing bolts of lightning from the roiling clouds above. It is a free game to play. Your epic adventure comes to an end. Storm the fortress of V’taag and thwart the evil plans of the Darklords of Helgedad, once and for all. It game develop by Bulkypix Role Playing. All mysteries shall be unveiled and the greatest battles shall be fought in the final act of the acclaimed Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf saga. It have 4.2 Reviews. The game has evolved and improved dramatically since the release of Act 1! If you only explored Rockstarn or the Sunken Forest, be sure to get back to the Magnamund and enjoy all the new features.

Game Features – 

  • A brand-mew adventure written by joe Dever, now complete with all its four Acts.
  • Write your own story through multiple choices.
  • Areal combat system, where your prowess really counts – no random number table or dice to throw.
  • The new tactical pause system, that freezes time when you are choosing your next move. Unleash the tactician in you! (only on Easy and Medium difficulty).
  • 3 different difficulty levels to make the fighting experience more accessible -or more challenging.
  • Lockpicking and puzzle mechanics to add an extra layer of skill and strategy.
  • Cloud saving features.

Screenshots – 

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf APK Joe Dever's Lone Wolf APK

Game Size – 1009MB

Current Version – v4.1

Requires Android – 3.0 and up

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