Secret Files Sam Peters APK

Secret Files Sam Peters APK is when alien DNA is spotted in the genetic code of algae living at a crater site in Ghana, sassy reporter Sam Peters goes after the story of her lifetime. This is a new android app for you and it is not a free app, it app have $0.93 for Buy. Before she can start her research at Lake Bosumtwi, however, she has to cleave through the wilderness and escape feisty jungle animals by day and demon-like creatures from African folklore by night. this app develop by Deep Silver and it app have a 4.0 Reviews. So Download Now.

App Features – 

  • The latest spin-off of the best-selling Secret Files saga finally available for Android.
  • Lots of exotic locations with animated, carefully designed backgrounds.
  • Full voice acting by popular dubbing actors known from TV and cinema (plus sub titles).
  • Full access to all content and features – No unlockable episodes via IAP.
  • Scientific facts meet African mythology.
  • High-quality visuals with amazing attention to detail.
  • An interactive novella for a slim budget price.

Video Review Secret Files Sam Peters APK

Screenshots – 

Secret Files Sam Peters APK Secret Files Sam Peters APK

App Size – 488 MB

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