Shaun in the City APK

This is the full official Shaun in the City apk sheep spotter app by Aradman Animations. 50 five artists decorated sculptures of Aardman’s internationally renowned character shaun the sheep have londodn their home unite 25th may. Find all the  sculptures, collect ewe-nique achievements and trophies, see exciting stats from other app users. Take shirely’s trail for a journey through the oldest part of the capital, or follow shaun on an adventure through Lonon’s busiest shopping streets. This summer, another flock of beautiful  shaun in the city sculptures will appear in Bristol from 6th july to 31st August to raise funds for the Grand appeal.


Shaun in the City APK Shaun in the City APK

App info –

APK Size – 88 MB

Version – 1.0.3

Price –  1.85 USD

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