Mia My New Best Friend APK

Mia My New Best Friend APK is a latest android game. Get introduced with Mia, your new best friend! Mia is a beautiful little girl who lives in a large house. She has everything that she could possibly want, but only thing that she really wants is a friend like you! Dance and Play with Mia for hours! Make her dressed up in adorable outfits and choice from them the hottest new styles. Feed her yummy snacks when she get’s hungry. Bathe Mia and tuck her into bed. It’s your choice to take care of Mia with all your heart.


  • Play fun mini games with Mia like Left or Right and Rock, Paper, Scissors!
  • Mia dances in 9 styles!
  • Choose from tons of outfits to style Mia
  • Care for the garden outside with Mia!
  • Bathe Mia in the bathroom
  • Feed Mia all kinds of yummy treats.
  • Take a picture with Mia!
  • Tuck Mia into bed and wish her good night!
  • Check in on Mia to get awesome daily bonuses.

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Jewel Blast 2 APK

Jewel Blast 2 APK is a great addictive casual game with splendid scenes, multiple play modes and best music effects! Just match 3 or more gems with the same color to remove them and gain scores!


  • Matching 3 or more gems with the same color can remove them.
  • Try your best to remove all the diamonds and you will get a huge bonus!
  • No time limit but step is limited. Reach the target score in the limited steps to pass level.
  • The more gems you remove, the more scores you gain.
  • Try your best to remove all the diamonds and you will get a huge bonus.

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FB Auto Liker APK

FB Auto Liker APK is an advance auto liker for boosting likes & comment on Facebook Status & Photos. For using FB Auto Liker your post and followers must have to be public. FB Auto Liker is totally safe app and we don’t post or share anything on our user’s behalf. You can get likes on photos, status, comments, albums and more by using FB Auto Liker App


  • Open FB Auto Liker app
  • Click login and login with your facebook account and allow HTC Permissions
  • Select our service type choose your Social Media update to get likes
  • Click on submit and enjoy likes


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Samurai Rebellion APK

Samurai Rebellion APK is a latest android game. It is 1604, and after bleeding common war, Japan finds a sense of contentment- So now it is the right time for a Samurai Rebellion! Lead an army of warriors, including Ashigaru spearmen, horsemen and bowmen into bleeding battle. Upgrade skills by vanquishing your enemies and taking over new territories in your journey to control the capital city of Kyoto.


  • $ bonus power to activate
  • 7 different Samurai Warrior types
  • Over 30 territories to conquer!
  • 2 modes to play- Story and Skirmish

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Horse Race Slots APK

Horse Race Slots APK is a android casino game. Will your horse win the race today so that you can take the GOLD home? You will win more, if you spin more! Experience the best slots accessible for download anytime and anywhere. Collect your winnings after crossing the finish line. Download this game from play store or from our site.


  • Play your desired number of lines. Have fun trying to win across multiple lines!
  • Offering Mega Wins and large payouts.
  • Free spins are activated with scatter symbols that can show up on any reel.
  • Countless ways to win big and win often.
  • Free coins, extra lines and a higher max bet are all available once you level up
  • Stunning HD graphics and sound make the action really come to life.
  • Bonus rounds with sticky wilds really increase your odds of winning big.

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LEGO® Ninjago Tournament APK

LEGO® Ninjago Tournament APK is a latest action & adventure game for android. You have been invited to participate in Master Chen’s Tournament of Elements. Use your Ninja Training to unlock your True potential, and defeat the other Elemental Bosses. Go head to head against the all new Elemental Bosses, each with their own unique abilities. Fight in Chen’s Arena against well known enemies from Ninjago: Masters of Spinjtsu TV series.  Step up your characters, use them more, make them more stronger! Unlock your favourite characters, including Snike, Sensei Garmadon, and Mindroid! Unleash the force of Spinjitsu to blast your way through waves of opponents! Download this game from play store or from our site.

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Blood Group Detector Prank APK

Blood Group Detector Prank APK is a latest android app. Let’s examines your blood group bu utilizing thumb scanner.  Blood Group Detector Prank APK is a prank application and uses fun for entertainment purpose. Till android has not the capacity to recognize blood group. You need to know your blood group please use this application to find blood group prank. Download this app from play store, or from our site.


  • Free fun
  • Easy to use
  • High Definition graphics
  • Too much User friendly
  • Prank Application
  • Blood group detect


Blood Group Detector Prank APK blood222-compressed

Ninja Hero Return APK

Ninja Hero Return APK is a latest action game. The great ninja master is back! Consider in insight and incite in real life, you have to sneak into the threatening constrain and salvage poor prisoners! Be that as it may, the monstrous powers are en route, also those perilous obstructions and deadly traps!  Close quarter battle and combo can build your effectiveness and ever trigger mystery aptitudes!


  • Two modes are available- Story mode & Test mode!
  • Cool ninjas
  • Multiple scenes!
  • Powerful BGM
  • Intricate traps

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DEAD EYES APK is a turn based puzzle game in a grey foggy world being taken over by zombies. In every step, you will help Jack, a curly-haired boy left alone, survive and reach the goal alive. Download this game from play store.


  • 4 different zombie types with various move patterns
  • Over 100 levels in 4 episodes
  • Achievements and Leaderboard integrated
  • Everyplay integrated for boasting/sharing your play video!
  • Intractable objects for tricks to slip away from the deadly eyes
  • Collect full stars in special stages
  • Unlock Hilarious costume mode!!

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Kik APK is a latest android app for communication! Chat on your terms with Kik! More than 200 million people use Kik to connect  with friends and people.


  • No phone number is needed, just username.
  • Filters that let you decide who to talk to.
  • Memes, celebrity news, funny pics, gifs, videos….. share what you like.
  • Start a public group chat for up to 50 people with just a #hashtag, Or create a private group.


Kik1-compressed Kik APK