Police Dog Subway Criminals APK

Police Dog Subway Criminals APK – It’s a new android simulation app and it’s free . Subway train stations are always crowded with tourists and the people travelling on trains from different locations. Crime takes place at such places and you have been appointed to secure the subway station from criminals, thugs, robbers and thieves. Trained as a professional police dog to sniff around, catch criminals and rescue civilians. People might try to sneak in with their illegal cargo, weapons or other items. Stay alert and be the best German shepherd for your police official squad. K9 dogs are used to hunt down criminals and chase robbers to rescue the city from crime activities. Those who love German shepherd police dog will love playing this dog simulation in a whole new environment of subway train station with train arrivals and departures. Police Dog Subway Criminals is a crime city game where you chase criminals and control crime in the town.

Police Dog Subway Criminals APK Police Dog Subway Criminals APK
The security of tourist and other civilians is in your hands now. Check travellers and tourism groups on arrivals and departures. Jump into the trains and find suspicious items. Playing as police dog is interesting when you sniff around, chase criminals and pounce on them. Secure the city and the subway station with high security. Help your partner police cop to catch criminals and control crime. Don’t let any gangster sneak in with weapons or illegal items. The thrill gets even better when criminals run for their life and you as a police dog chase them and catch them. Fulfil your duty and assist your partner police cop to identify and catch criminals.
One of the passengers has reported 911 about a bomb inside the subway train. Accompany bomb disposal squad to find and diffuse the bomb. Beware of the criminal’s eye while on the mission to save the hostages from his custody. You have to play smart and clever to rescue all the tourists and passengers in trouble. You will find full thrilling and entertaining missions while proceeding to the next level. Play this small yet addictive game for half an hour and recommend it to your friend.

• Police Dog Chasing Criminals
• Subway Crime Scenes with Various Missions
• Sniff, Identify and Chase robbers
• Assist Police Officials squad to catch thugs and stop street crimes.
• New Concept for the lovers of Police dog Games
Your Feedback Ratings and Comments are valuable for us. Have fun playing this game for about 30 minutes of gameplay and give us your feedback about this new and addictive game on the stores.

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Crazy Wheels APK

Crazy Wheels APK is the no 1 fast paced rag doll extreme sports game. Play and experience the ultimate physics based racing game on your android device. It’s offers an exhilarating mix of amazing tracks and intense challenge. Perform death defying wild stuns, witness bone cracking impacts and lose a limb or few and take in to the extreme. This game design and develop by CanadaDroid team.

Crazy Wheels APK Crazy Wheels APK Crazy Wheels APK

Features –

  • Including 12+ of challenging levels and more to come.
  • Realistic crash physics and crunchy sound effects.
  • Easy and simple game control .
  • It’s a free android game so you can easy download it.


Tribal Rivals APK

New android game is coming. Tribal Rivals Apk is a new android strategy game. An epci story of revenge, leadership, and preference will lead you to build your village, train your troops, start or jon a tribe and wage battles against enemies and thousand of other players. If you like clash of clan game ,then you can download this game.


  • It’s a free android game so easy to download and enjoy.
  • Experience an epic story of revenge, interactive story unlocks as play the game.
  • Build an impenetrable village to defend your tribe and resources.
  • Train your fiercely loyal troops of mercenaries, archers, falconers, camels, and more.
  • Fight the colonial general and wage an epic battle against the ruthless butcher.
  • Open a tribe with other players to become the dominate tribe of the arabian peninsula .


Paradise Bay Tribal Rivals APK Tribal Rivals APK Tribal Rivals APK


Trials Frontier APK Download

Trials Frontier APK Download – fascinating motorcycle on the crossed district. Play and explore a vast world on your bike. Complete against your friends on Global leadeboards. Master physics based tricks to challenge the world’s top riders for the best time. Race your bike through a world of adventure, crazy and unfairly addictive tracks. This game support smartphone and tab also so play and experience the ultimate skill based racing game .

Trials Frontier APK Download Trials Frontier APK Download Trials Frontier APK Download

Trials Frontier APK Features

  • More missions than you can shake a stick at.
  • Help your village grow and prosper.
  • A huge world with more than 50 hours of gameplay.
  • 10 nice environments to bust fat skills.
  • Control of the character and the bike.
  • Realistic game physics and nice game graphics.
  • You can create your own routes.


Door Kickers APK

Door Kickers APK is the unforgiving , award winning SWAT command quick tactics game from the PC. It’s a strategy type android game , includes all updates and a new campaign, as well as full cross platform saves compatibility and an all new interface designed specifically for touch based platforms. This app mixes old school, no quater action with modern ergonomic interfaces and puts you in command of a SWAT team during a tactical intervention. It may sound daunting and like real world CQB combat, it sure is, But most levels can be completed in minutes and on the fly improvisation works, Achieving the perfect planning , getting the mission done with no false steps and losing no people , that’s skill harder to master.

Door Kickers APK Features

  • This app including 80 single mission, 6 campaigns and unlimited gameplay via mission generator.
  • Over 64 weapons and gear items to use and overcome the enemy.
  • Real time with free pause.
  • No turn, no hexes, no action points or awkward interfaces.
  • Realistic but action packed.
  • Non linear levels , free from game play.

Door Kickers APK Screenshots

Door Kickers APK Door Kickers APK

Alien Creeps TD APK

Alien Creeps TD APK

The aliens are here… and they didn’t come in peace. Can you save the Earth?

Alien Creeps is the tower defense game that has it all: frenzied, epic battles! Hordes of devious enemies! Lightning bolts! Helicopters! Explosions!

Boom and blast those creeps with powerful towers! Mow them down with sturdy infantry units and armed heroes! Zap them with the supercharged Tesla Tower! Upgrade your weaponry, plan your strategy and get ready for action!

Alien Creeps TD APK Alien Creeps TD APK

Alien Creeps TD APK Awesome Features
– Defend the Earth with thrilling tower defense action
– Rise to the challenge and reach new frontiers with 3 thrilling game modes
– Deploy your heroes and infantry across a variety of demanding terrains
– Devise the ultimate defense with an array of devastating towers
– Unlock powerful new towers and abilities to aid your defense
– Share reinforcements and airstrikes with your friends
– Take on 25 insane 2 minute rounds optimized for mobile gameplay
– Blitz through waves of creeps at high speed with fast forward

Get all the latest intel here:

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Zombie Crush 3 APK

Zombie Crush 3 APK

Zombie Crush 3 APK is a brand new android game from the makers of the Zombie Crush. New weapons and zombies , more divine combinations and challenging game modes brimming with super weapons. Cowds of zombies are coming from all directions. In arcade mode , you will must smash all zombies before they are too close to you. Side the left screen to control the direction of aim poring. Control shooting and load bullets with buttons at the right.

Zombie Crush 3 APK Zombie Crush 3 APK (2)

Zombie Crush 3 APK Features

  • Change your weapons when you get extra ones.
  • Use grenades to defense crowds of zombies.
  • While in endless mode , you must hold your position and defeat coming zombies to get higher scores.
  • Easy and smooth game control.
  • Amazing effects.
  • More weapons and unique modes.


Off-Road Bus Hill Climb 3D APK

Off-Road Bus Hill Climb 3D APK

Drive a bus along the offroad terrian and carry passengers! Amazing hill climb game! Be a bus driver conquering a hill, but avoid crashes! Try this Hill Climber New Bus Simulator.

Load your passengers or cargo into your bus and transport them uphill safely to the desired destination. This is how you become the champ of bus simulation. This hill climb racing game brings you the most amazing mountain roads and environment you have ever seen in a mobile device game. Gameplay includes 4 beautiful Buses in this mountain climbing game.

Off-Road Bus Hill Climb 3D APK

For all extreme bus driving game lovers and bus simulator game daredevils: the ultimate hill speed driving test has just arrived on your mobile device. Get to drive a different passenger bus or other busses while driving around in the beautiful off road hills. Be the best fast car hill driver the world had ever seen.

Each level has its own off road simulator challenging objectives. Drive bus and pick and drop passenger and tourist from one hill side area bus stop to next. Tourist from around all over the world is waiting to visit the beautiful hills.

Off-Road Bus Hill Climb 3D APK

Realistic maps, various vehicles, eye-catching interiors will make you feel like driving a real bus!
Get ready for off-road hill speed driving in this 3d bus simulator with hill climber adventure. Your mission is to drop passengers at bus station and avoid crashes with traffic and animals like Stag,Deer and Cow.

Off-Road Bus Hill Climb 3D APK

Experience the bus simulation,Get your tires and bus dirty with Uphill Climb Bus Drive. Finishing the awesome in game levels require a unique combination of precision driving and hill speed driving. Are you ready for the ultimate offroad simulator 4×4 challenge? Face the off road hills and be ready for some speed driving as a daredevil bus driver. Start your bus simulator game fun right now!

Game Features:-
♦ 4 Buses
♦ Animated Animals like Stag, Cow
♦ Different Camera views Button – Free Camera Rotation ( Camera Angles )
♦ Animated people entering/exiting the bus
♦ Custom weather conditions in Gameplay
♦ Real-time Hill Climb Driving
♦ Rocks and animals obstacles
♦ Difficult parking levels
♦ Green Hills environments.

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Flux Capacitor APK

The Flux Capacitor apk is what made time travel possible in Back to the Future, one of the most brilliantly inventive, wildly entertaining motion picture triumphs in Hollywood history! Now it’s your turn to launch into the past, fine tune the future, and disrupt the space-time continuum!

Flux Capacitor APK Flux Capacitor APK
Features of Flux Capacitor APK

● Striking visuals and sound that reproduce time travel scenarios from each of the three Back to the Future films
● Fully functional Time Circuits that accurately depict your travels
● Lightning strike location triggered time travel (using GPS)
● 1885 glitch simulation when device is shaken
● Alarm clock mode with sounds from the films or music library

Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Back to the Future by getting all three films on Google Play now!

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