My Talking Hank APK Free Download For Android

With over 5 BILLION downloads and worldwide hits like My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela, My Talking Hank APK  and Friends now has a BRAND NEW free app. Introducing: My Talking Hank APK ! Take care of Talking Hank, the cutest puppy out there. Hank needs your! He’s ready for adventure and off to explore the tropical islands of Hawaii, but HE NEEDS YOU to help him!

Adopt your very own puppy, little cute baby Hank. He is one of a kind. A puppy so sweet you can’t look away! Take care of Hank, your new favorite virtual pet. Feed him delicious food, take him to the toilet and swing him to sleep on a hammock under a starry sky.

Hank loves photography! He wants to take picture of every wild animal living on the island. And there are plenty of them to discover – from a fluffy White Bunny, to a silly Flamingo, gangster Hip Hop Hippo and many more. Travel through different zones of the island. Place toys and food for the animals. Wait for them to show up and… CLICK! … collect their photos.

Talking Hank will not only repeat everything you say with a hilarious voice, Hank takes fun to the next level! Laugh out loud at his constant adventures, his toilet shenanigans and much, much more! If you enjoy tamagotchi-style apps and kitty collector game mechanics you will fall in love with My Talking Hank.

Welcome to Hawaii: Check out your wonderful island home! It looks cool night and day!
Raise Hank: Hank needs you to take care of him, from feeding to visiting the toilet!
Take Photos: Help Hank complete his photo album by taking pictures of wild, exotic animals.
Attract animals: Some of them are scared of Hank, you’ll need food and toys to lure them out!
Keep playing: There are more features to discover in My Talking Hank, so keep exploring!

My Talking Hank APK Free Download For Android
My Talking Hank APK Free Download For AndroidMy Talking Hank APK Free Download For Android


My Talking Hank APK App Contains:

– Promotion of Outfit7’s products and advertising
– Links that direct customers to our websites and other Outfit7 apps
– Personalization of content to entice users to play the app again
– Watching videos of Outfit7’s animated characters via YouTube integration
– The option to make in-app purchases
– Items are available for different prices in virtual currency, depending on the current level reached by the player
– Alternative options to access all functionalities of the app without making any in-app purchases using real money (level progress, in-game functionalities)

Terms of use:
Privacy policy:

Lifeline: Flatline APK

The Lifeline: Flatline APK takes a terrifying turn in this interactive horror experience. Every decision you make could help Wynn to safety, or lead her to an untimely end.

Something has gone horribly wrong… Venture deep into a mysterious scientific facility, where a woman named Wynn has just woken up strapped to a hospital bed. She doesn’t remember what happened to her – all she knows right now is that she has to get out of this place. And her only link to the outside world… is YOU!

Help Wynn navigate creepy darkened hallways as the shrieks of something inhuman get closer… In this thrilling interactive horror experience, your choices shape the story and ultimately decide Wynn’s fate!

Lifeline: Flatline APK Features

• A truly immersive horror experience!
• The Green Series continues with a terrifying twist!
• Written by award-winning author Daryl Gregory.
• Norman Fairbanks returns with an original bone-chilling score.
• Wynn’s heart-rate monitor gives real-time feedback as you make decisions in the story.
• Interact with the story on your phone, Android Wear device, or through notifications!
• Play in English, German, French, Japanese, or Russian!

Lifeline Flatline APK

Lost Souls 2 APK

Lost Souls 2 APK— Plunge into this awe-inspiring sequel to the breathtaking adventure Lost Souls game with 20+ challenging mini-games to master. Bella’s brother Stan has mysteriously disappeared after finding an ancient artifact. Since then, she has been haunted by a nightmare that wakes her up in the middle of the night shivering. Explore eye-catching locations, meet amazing characters, play tricky mini-games and solve the mystery of Bella’s brother disappearance.

Features – 

  • 20+ challenging mini-games to master.
  • 40 astonishing locations to explore.
  • 39 achievements to earn.
  • 5 enchanted books and nine chapters to leaf through.
  • Google Play game services support.

Video Review Lost Souls 2 APK Download

Screenshots – 

Lost Souls 2 (Full) APK Download Lost Souls 2 (Full) APK Download

Additional Info –

APK Size – Varies with device

APK Version – Varies with device

Requires Android – 4.0.3 and up

Download link Lost Souls 2 APK

Download Now from google play

Lost Journey – Best Indie Game APK

Lost Journey – Best Indie Game APK – It is a new android great puzzle game for space exploration. It gets more challenging after each level and no, it doesn’t give you instructions which I like because you need to really think for yourself to solve the level. The serene music and uplifting backgrounds in Lost Journey convey hope and beauty even in the journey after death. So download and Install this amazing puzzle game.

Features – 

  • Colorful, soulful artwork draws players into the story and journey.
  • Players can literally ‘flip’ the scene to expose new paths and opportunities.
  • Nomination of Best China IndiePlay Game.
  • Music nicely compliments the Asian setting and relaxed feel of the game.
  • this reality is not as straightforward as it appears.
  • Reverse Gravity, Bend Time, Manipulate Space.

Video Review Lost Journey – Best Indie Game APK

Screenshots – 

Lost Journey - Best Indie Game APK Download Lost Journey - Best Indie Game APK Download

Additional Info –

APK Size – 30 MB

APK Version – 1.0.6

Requires Android – 2.3 and up

Download link Lost Journey – Best Indie Game APK

Download Now from google play

The Martian: Bring Him Home APK

The Martian: Bring Him Home APK  a latest android game. Play as a NASA communications specialist and astronaut mark wetney’s sole contact with earn after he finds himself alone and stranded on Mars in this engrossing interactive adventure game. This game based in the best selling novel and critically acclaimed movie, lets you use science , intuition and strategy to guide mark through critical decisions and solve problem in order to keep him alive unite help can arrive.

Features –

  • Provide mark with the right advice before time runs out.
  • Communicate with Mark in real time using NASA ares 3 messaging system.
  • Guide him through crucial and difficult decisions to ensure his survival.
  • Provide Mark with life saving information collected from a diverse team of expert you unlock as the story progresses.
  • Your decisions affect the story outcome,.
  • Play again and again to experience different twists and turn.
  • Choose different and see what unfolds.


The Martian Bring Him Home APK (2) The Martian Bring Him Home APK (2)

Paranormal Pursuit Free APK

Every second counts in this stunning paranormal enterprise! Lives are at stake as you race to keep a young man with psychic capacities from falling under the control of an abhorrent government official. To avoid the thug sent to kill you and abduct the tyke, you’ll need to discover keenly shrouded protests and tackle tricky riddles utilizing the kid’s capacities to control time and matter. Every section in Paranormal Pursuit closes with a nail-gnawing departure succession amid which you must settle on the right decisions to keep away from catch. It’s nice adventure games apk in Google Play.


  • Nice game story.
  • Mind bending puzzles.
  • Thrilling escape sequences.
  • Images, concept art achievements and more.


Paranormal Pursuit Free APK Paranormal Pursuit Free APK

LEGO® Ninjago Tournament APK

LEGO® Ninjago Tournament APK is a latest action & adventure game for android. You have been invited to participate in Master Chen’s Tournament of Elements. Use your Ninja Training to unlock your True potential, and defeat the other Elemental Bosses. Go head to head against the all new Elemental Bosses, each with their own unique abilities. Fight in Chen’s Arena against well known enemies from Ninjago: Masters of Spinjtsu TV series.  Step up your characters, use them more, make them more stronger! Unlock your favourite characters, including Snike, Sensei Garmadon, and Mindroid! Unleash the force of Spinjitsu to blast your way through waves of opponents! Download this game from play store or from our site.

Video Review of LEGO® Ninjago Tournament APK


Untitled2-compressed LEGO® Ninjago Tournament APK

Lost Lands: Dark Overlord Full APK

Lost Lands: Dark Overlord Full APK is a new android adventure game. This game publish on Google Play May 15 – 2015 . Susan had jush stepped away to answare the phone, but when she returned she saw something pulling her son Jimmy through a shimmering portal.


  • Realistic animation.
  •  Nice graphics.
  • Uncommon game story.
  • Easy to gameplay and game control.


Lost Lands Dark Overlord Full APK Lost Lands Dark Overlord Full APK

The Other Side: Tower of Souls APK

The Other Side: Tower of Souls APK  is a new android adventure games apk. It’s develop and publish by Alawar Entertainment Inc.

Short Story

A small sibling rivalry can be healthy except when the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Are you resolve a family squabble before the gates to the realm of the dead swing open and horrors beyond imagination pour into the world.


  • Stunning graphics, nice scenes and sound.
  • A captivating story of magic and suspense.
  • Simple and fun puzzles and mini games.
  • Clever and real hidden object hunts.


The Other Side: Tower of Souls APK The Other Side: Tower of Souls APK

APK Size – 512 MB

Ben Motorcycle Hill Climb APK

Do you like to play Hill Climb Racing game ? It’s a most popular android game. Now we share Hill Climb Racing related game and this game name Ben Motorcycle Hill Climb APK. It is the best driving game. It’s riding the motorcycle and trying to reach and climb finish. The game containing 10+ levels to Challenger yourself and reach the higher level in the game.


  • Easy to control and HD quality graphics.
  • The game is set in a nice hill.
  • Including 10 challenging levels.
  • Play and get your high score.
  • Nice levels climb design.


Ben Motorcycle Hill Climb APK Ben Motorcycle Hill Climb APK

App Size – 6.1 MB