Timeshift burst APK

Timeshift burst APK

Upgrade your camera phone experience with Timeshift burst apk. It’s so intelligent that it captures 61 frames* within just 2 seconds – starting even before you press the camera key. This application is perfect for action shots of moving subjects!

Timeshift burst APK

Timeshift burst is easy to use:
1. Start your camera and set it to Timeshift burst mode
2. To capture any scene, just press the camera key
3. 61 thumbnails will show up on your screen
4. Swipe the thumbnail images to move back and forth in time of the burst
5. View all frames in a burst sequence by selecting the Timeshift icon on the lower right hand side of a Timeshift burst photo

Now you can save individual images from Timeshift burst viewer**! Save images separately and share them. They are still in your device even after deleting original Timeshift burst images.
* Some devices capture 31 frames due to the hardware limitations.
** The menu to select/share images is only available if Timeshift burst images are viewed in Album.

Source – play.google.com

Afterlight APK Latest Version 1.0.6

Afterlight APK Latest Version 1.0.6

It’s the perfect image editing app for fast and straight forward editing. Our simple design, paired with super and snappy tools. will give you the look you want in second. This app has 15 adjustment tools so use any of 15 uniquely made adjustment tools to enhance your images to perfection with ease.


  • It has 27 fully adjustable original filters.
  • 14 guest filters by various instagram user and the new seasons filter pack including 18 filter.
  • Including a range of real and natural light leaks we created with 35mm film and instant film, to simplistic scratchy film textures.
  • Easy crop your photos with our quick and easy cropping tool with 15 different presets.
  • Transform your photos with our rotating tool, vertical and horizontal flipping tools, and straightening
  • Built 77 new different simplistic and adjustable frames.

Afterlight APK Latest Version 1.0.6 Afterlight APK Latest Version 1.0.6

Lapse It-Time Lapse-Pro APK

Lapse It-Time Lapse-Pro APK – It’s a awesome photography app for android smartphone. Lapse it has a creative and powerful native render engine that allows you to create spectacular videos, it is blazing fast, robust, support audio and has a fully featured range of setting to apply.Lapse it is the only app on Google Play with this powerful render engine, and the only one that really works rendering the videos in the android proper format. So you can easily watch the videos on your smartphone. You can even apply different cool and stylish cam effects to them, such as vintage and black and white.

Lapse It-Time Lapse-Pro  is a paid android app. But we provide your free and paid both download link.

Note – This app compressed so you need some additional app for unzip. So we share some file manager app download link.

Link 1 – File Explorer APK

Link 2 – File Manager APK

Some Highlighted Features  –

  • Capture stunning shots and using the full potential of your device.
  • Import photos sequences from your DSLR or GoPro cameras.
  • Use any song from your library as the sound track of your video.
  • Speed up your time lapse with millisecond precision up to 240x.
  • Stop motion an clay animation mode with onion skin.
  • Captures with High image quality and for longer the HyperLapse.
  • Support camera zoom and front camera.
  • More powerful than frame lapse and droid time lapse.


Lapse It-Time Lapse-Pro APKLapse It-Time Lapse-Pro APK

Candy Camera for Selfie V1.73 APK Download

Now we share Candy Camera for Selfie V1.73 APK Download , It’s a awesome camera app for take selfie. If you download this you can take ncie selifes anywhere and anytime. More then 50,000000 people regular use this camera app .

  1. A diverse range or filers, designs specifically for selfies.
  2. All candy camera filter will make your skin look amazing.
  3. Swipe left and perfect nice filter for a selfie.
  4. In addition to the filter camera, there are additional edition tools for the perfect selfie, slimming, concealer, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara etc.
  5. Edit or use make u stickers to look beautiful in all your selfies.
  6. Sticker for every season, occasion and trend.
  7. You can find cute stickers for your selfies and artistic ones for your photography.
  8. Take your selfies, snapshots anywhere you go.
  9. Easy take multiple image for a collage.
  10. Taking selfies with candy camera collage mode.
  11. You will like you are in a photo booth with filters.
  12. Never be embarrassed to take a selfies the camera is silent.

Candy Camera for Selfie V1.73 APK Download Candy Camera for Selfie (2)

KiwiCamera APK

KiwiCamera APK is a nice camera app. Enhance your image with instant real time filters in ten different themes. You can also apply all these filters from your albums.This app provides focus, zoom, flash, exposure, timer, touch shoot, mute,Girl, Blur, camera reverse,filter collection view, and more.


  • Capture the wonders.
  • Including 36 adjustable basic collage layout.
  • Fifty stylish collage layouts.
  • You can easy combine multiple photos into one framed image.
  • Unique collage are available to adjust the ratio.
  • Make the most delightful image with 600+ stickers and 150+ single frames.
  • Show off your creations through facebook, twitter etc.


KiwiCamera APK KiwiCamera APK

APK Size – 25.6 MB

KMPlayer Pro APK

KMPlayer Pro APK is now available now android version. It’s ads free and add some extra features. So download this app and experience you videos like never before with KMPlayer. See TV Shows, Movies, Animations, Homemade and mobile phone videos and video file. Multi Tasking continue watching your video while sending a text or browsing the Web.


  • Support HD videos and 30 language.
  • It’s support subtitles, video playback speed.
  • KMPlayer is built for today’s smart phone users.
  • Support avi, mp4, mkv, wav, 3gp and most common video file format.


KMPlayer Pro APK KMPlayer Pro APK

APK Size –

XS Video Player for Android

XS Video Player a new android video player. This media player for play the different video format of songs । It’s can play mp4, flv, wmv, WEBM, 3gp and other popular video format. You can easy control your video sound and set can profile through using an option which is include in this video player. You can select your favorite song and add into favorite list. XS Video Player for Android can play different format of video songs after select a song click on screen for full screen.


  •  Easy user interface.
  • Nice UI Effect.
  • You can play different format video.
  • Media volume control.
  • Alarm volume control.
  • You can add your favorite video song .


XS Video Player for Android


Soundwave APK

Soundwave APK app create private groups to chat and share your music with friends and followers. Soundwave enters you into a world of music discovery. You can get recommendations form those with the same taste as yourself and have conversations about your favorite songs and artists. Swipe and see all the songs that have been shared before in the group. Invite your friends form Facebook, Twitter and any more. Share your songs with friends and followers. Soundwave captures all the songs you listen to on YouTube, Spotify and everywhere else and instantly adds them to your Soundwave profile. Check out the recommendations to find people all around the world – who are playing similar music to you – then follow them too. It is a free app and it have 3.9 Reviews. So you Download this app for free and find you all new music and you have a nice day.

Screenshots –

Soundwave - Chat & Share Music APK Soundwave - Chat & Share Music APK Soundwave - Chat & Share Music APK


App Size – 12MB

Current Version – v2.0.50

Requires Android – 2.3 and up

Download Link Soundwave APK

HD Video Player APK

HD Video Player APK is the best video player for you. This app is the easiest android phone player, has a powerful video decoding capabilities to support you play a video camera, movies, music videos, TV shows, MTV and other mobile phone stored video files on your phone. It is free app for you and it app develop by turtlerun Media and Video. This apps have 4.1 Reviews. This app avi, m4v, mp4, wmv, flv, mpeg, mpg, mov, rm, vob, asf, mkv, f4v, ts, tp, m3u, m3u8 etc Supported video formats. So Now Download this app and have a nice day.

Apps Features – 

  • HD playback your video files.
  • Automatic identification of all the video files in the phone.
  • Delete files, play pause, rename operation.
  • Recent playlist.
  • Quick browser your video folder.
  • smooth playback of FLV files do not need to install the Flash Player plug-in;
  • thumbnail display the contents of the video file.

Screenshots – 

HD Video Player APK HD Video Player APK

Apps Size-11MB

Current Version -v1.7.1

Requires Android – 3.0 and up

Download Link HD Video Player APK

FLV Video Player APK

FLV Video Player APK is a new amazing app for your computer and Smartphone. Play uour flv files from your SD-card with this simple player. Adobe® Systems, Inc discontinued the Flash® Player Plugin for mobile devices, but with FLV Player you will be able to watch your flv video files. Need Android 2.2 or superior. ARMv7 processor with vector FPU, minimum 550MH, OpenGL ES 2.0, H.264 and AAC HW decoders and 256MB of RAM. You don’t need to install Flash® Player Plugin or any other plugin to use this app to play flv videos. Please support development of new features by clicking the +1 button.

[Known Issues]
– Some Asus Transformer devices may play videos without audio.
– Devices with low processor power may experience poor video quality (delays).

Screenshots – 

FLV Video Player APK FLV Video Player APK FLV Video Player APK

Apps Size – 11MB

Current Version -v1.10

Requires Android – 2.2 and up

Download Link FLV Video Player APK