Hill Climb Racing 2 APK Mod/Unlock

Do u remember the hill climb racing game… It’s an awesome game with excellent graphics and amazing gameplay. Finally, they released their new version ” Hill Climb Racing 2 APK ”

Sequel to the most addictive and entertaining physics based driving game ever! And it’s free!

Newton Bill is Back! After journeying to where no ride has been before, Bill is ready to challenge the whole world in Hill Climb Racing multiplayer madness.

Face new unique challenges in unique environments with many different cars. Defeat your opponents and collect big bonuses to tune your car and reach ever higher positions. With little respect to the laws of physics, Newton Bill will not rest until he has defeated all his opponents on the highest hills!

Bill still likes to take some time off racing to just conquer hills. Original distance based game play is still here to enjoy!

Hill Climb Racing 2 APK Mod/Unlock

Screenshots –

Hill Climb Racing 2 APK Hill Climb Racing 2 APK

– Many different vehicles with unique tuning options
– Tune-able parts include engine, suspension, tires and 4WD
– Numerous environments with achievements

Driving in Car APK

Driving in Car APK is a new android racing game. It’s offers you the unique driving experience that you can choose your own driving style, It can be clam and safety for driving in traffic flow or furious racing in illegal extremes.

Barrel through traffic packed streets, hurdle off parking garages, and tear up the streets in the hottest car models now! Drive your car in cockpit view to wherever you want in the realistic city environment in FREE DRIVE mode. Or steer onto the streets, driving reckless and juiced as sparks fly while shuttling customers to their destinations in TAXI mode like an Uber driver.

Game Features:
– First person camera view or third person perspective view
– Stunning 3D graphics and smooth fast car handling
– TAXI mode, FREE DRIVE mode and QUEST mode
– Choose from Low-power cars, sports cars, muscle cars and huge SUVs


Driving in Car APK Driving in Car APK

Traffic Rider APK

Another masterpiece from the creators of Traffic Racer. This time, you are behind the wheels of a motorbike in a much more detailed gaming experience, but also retaining the old school fun and simplicity.

Traffic Rider APK takes the endless racing genre to a whole new level by adding a full career mode, first person view perspective, better graphics and real life recorded bike sounds. The essence of smooth arcade racing is still there but in the shell of the next generation. Ride your bike in the endless highway roads overtaking the traffic, upgrade and buy new bikes to beat the missions in career mode.

Now it is time to hit the roads with a motorcycle!

Traffic Rider APK Traffic Rider APK

– First person camera view
– 24 motorbikes to choose from
– Real motor sounds recorded from real bikes
– Detailed environments with day and night variations
– Career mode with 60+ missions
– Online leaderboards and 30+ achievements
– Support for 18 languages

– The faster you ride, the more scores you get
– When driving over 100 kmh, overtake traffic cars closely to get bonus scores and cash
– Driving in opposite direction in two-way gives extra score and cash
– Do wheelies to get extra score and cash

* http://facebook.com/trafficridergame
* http://twitter.com/traffic_rider

*** No Timers, No Fuel *** Just pure endless fun!

Traffic Rider will be updated regularly with your suggestions. Don’t forget to leave a review with your feedback.

Rage Racing 3D APK

If you like car crush racing game , Rage Racing 3D APK is waiting for you. Download the free android game from google play and enjoy unlimited fun. It’s a extreme super car chasing game, which is the perfect integration of parkour and racing. Roar your car engine, escape the police chase.

Rage Racing 3D Feature

  • Easy to control with one finger.
  • Amazing sounds of engine and excellent background music.
  • Customize car pain and upgrades.
  • Landscapes around the world and various real racing tracks.
  • Endless mode and career mode.
  • Eye catching 3D graphics.
  • Online leaderboards and achievements.

Game play tips

  • Slip right / left to change lens..
  • Slip up/down to use to NOs.
  • Tilt your device to drive car slantwise.


Rage Racing 3D APK Rage Racing 3D APK


Border Police Adventure Sim 3D APK

Border Police Adventure Sim 3D apk android game gives you a chance of a lifetime to protect your mother land. Root the ba seeds out with an iron fist loyal only to the law, Serve as a border ranger officer and fight lawlessness. Catch criminals who are ready to undermine your authority and the dignity of your land. Patrol the border and stop suspicious action, Stop vehicles and impose fines for violations if necessary. This game has awesome sound with special graphics and unique gameplay.

Game Specification

Game Name – Border Police Adventure Sim 3D

Version – v1.2

Game Size – 42 MB

Game Developer – Tapionator

Requires Android – 2.3.3 and up

Price –  Free

Review – 3.9/5 ( See update )


Border Police Adventure Sim 3D APK Border Police Adventure Sim 3D APK

Game Specification

  • Play and upgrade your car to perform difficult missions with ease.
  • Realistic border 3D periphery and physics.
  • Smooth control and easy to play.
  • Play and step by step unlock police cars.
  • It’s a free and game so one click to download.



Drive Ahead APK

Drive Ahead APK is a no.1 garbage trucks and racing cars. The game features two different game modes: duel or single-player mode. Learn to master different tracks and vehicles in daily racing missions. Hiding won’t help! Sudden death mode introduces sawblades, rain of fire and floods of water. You get free coins by playing a lot and watching ads. Use them in the casino slot machine to win new content. However, we also offer credits packs as in-app purchases.

Video Review Drive Ahead APK

Screenshots – 

Drive Ahead APK Drive Ahead APK

Game Size – 13 MB

Crazy Wheels APK

Crazy Wheels APK is the no 1 fast paced rag doll extreme sports game. Play and experience the ultimate physics based racing game on your android device. It’s offers an exhilarating mix of amazing tracks and intense challenge. Perform death defying wild stuns, witness bone cracking impacts and lose a limb or few and take in to the extreme. This game design and develop by CanadaDroid team.

Crazy Wheels APK Crazy Wheels APK Crazy Wheels APK

Features –

  • Including 12+ of challenging levels and more to come.
  • Realistic crash physics and crunchy sound effects.
  • Easy and simple game control .
  • It’s a free android game so you can easy download it.


Trials Frontier APK Download

Trials Frontier APK Download – fascinating motorcycle on the crossed district. Play and explore a vast world on your bike. Complete against your friends on Global leadeboards. Master physics based tricks to challenge the world’s top riders for the best time. Race your bike through a world of adventure, crazy and unfairly addictive tracks. This game support smartphone and tab also so play and experience the ultimate skill based racing game .

Trials Frontier APK Download Trials Frontier APK Download Trials Frontier APK Download

Trials Frontier APK Features

  • More missions than you can shake a stick at.
  • Help your village grow and prosper.
  • A huge world with more than 50 hours of gameplay.
  • 10 nice environments to bust fat skills.
  • Control of the character and the bike.
  • Realistic game physics and nice game graphics.
  • You can create your own routes.


Turbo River Racing APK Download

If you like the crazy speed game, this game is for you. Download Turbo River Racing APK and let’s have a try on racing. The exciting speed, the brand new game design, you must get addicted to this special game experience. It’s a special racing game with yacht. Racing through the hanging ring to obtain scores and try your best to collect coins as many as possible.Turbo River Racing is a free android game. It’s time to challenge your skill between security and speed.


  • Nice quality graphics.
  • Unique yachts and equipment.
  • Realistic sound effects.
  • Special and new scenes and power ups
  • Unprecedented exciting experience.


Turbo River Racing APK Download Turbo River Racing APK Download (1)

MMX Racing Featuring WWE APK

Your opportunity to make a flame breathing Monster Truck and race it no holds barred over awesome bounce filled courses. Experience benchmark representation, material science and adrenaline-filled fervor in MMX Racing, the must-have hustling title of 2015.

MMX Racing Featuring WWE APK is a free android game so download now……


One of a kind GAMEPLAY No rigging changes in sight! Dispatch your truck over immense hops, timing your throttle activity to flawlessness to stop things escaping from control.

MONSTERIZE Pickup, muscle auto, jeep or SUV…Upgrade and alter each part of your picked ride. Transform it into the Monster you know it needs to be.

Adversary CRUSHING 10 unique occasions, 30 testing tracks and THOUSANDS of rivals in your direction. Will you ascend through the MMX positions and rule preeminent?

Enough perusing! Download now and join the BIGGEST hustling scene on the Google Play Store.


MMX Racing Featuring WWE APK MMX Racing Featuring WWE APK MMX Racing Featuring WWE APK

App Size – 25.5 MB

Version – 1.12

Requires Android – 4.1 and up